Line Drawings

Prototype Deck!

Sketchbook Doodles


I've been working on Ellie for a while now. I think she has anger management issues.

Bits and bobs I've been working on - a new course, a card game, plus a comic.

Digital Illustration

I've started a digital illustration course, to get the most out of the software I have. The last assigment was an experiment with brushes and textures around the shape of a small house. I need to get on top of this before they stop selling pens!

A Game is Born: 

I’ve been working on a card-game. From ink-doodle to first draft. Aim is to finish with the highest score. There are lots of armadillos.  The Unicorn beats all. I've got some prototype decks being tested right now. Once it's ready you'll be able to buy it!