Ink Sketch - Armadillo Backside
Ink Sketch - Armadillo Backside It's a family game, so the design had to be uncluttered.
Ink Sketch - Armadillo Middle
Ink Sketch - Armadillo Middle The game required all animals to fit around the same body proportions.
Ink Sketch - Armadillo Face
Ink Sketch - Armadillo Face The animals had to have personality.
Ink Draft
Ink Draft For educational reasons, the animals had to be recognisable.
Ink Draft
Ink Draft They needed to have features found in the real animals.
Ink Draft
Ink Draft Whilst maintaining a cute look to appeal to kids.
Armadillo Card
Armadillo Card Fitting the shapes within the restrictions of the card format was tricky.
Armadillo Middle
Armadillo Middle Everything had to fit together, allowing for variations in the printing process.
Armadillo He's a mellow armadillo!
Finished Deck!
Finished Deck!
A Mystery...
A Mystery... Life is often unfair to the young.
Suspects Toys are real people.
Interrogation All of the above is based on fact.
Denouement I wanted the dog to be realistic too.

Second but not least, Naughty Ellie. I wanted a comic that reflects the way children actually behave. Nothing sugary sweet about Ellie - she gets results!

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First in line - the birth of a card game! From initial sketches through to the first edition. This had some interesting technical and conceptual challenges due to the card format and brief. Available to buy shortly!