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I’ve wanted to be a book illustrator since the age of five, but despite my best efforts, I ended up in the somewhat more lucrative but less satisfying world of banking IT.


That is, until I had the chance to collaborate with an author and convert his children’s novel, ‘The Adventures of Woo’, into a comic. It was such a great opportunity that I decided to take some time out to work on this.


After the first part was completed, I was hooked! I love the freedom to create worlds and the characters that inhabit them, and working away at ideas. I embarked on a diploma in Children’s Book Illustration from London Art College, and completed it with a distinction.


I’ve also been collaborating with a musician and providing illustrations for a children’s album / songbook, and I am currently working on a dummy picture book for a story that I’ve written, called ‘Sadie and the Acorn Thief’.  Future projects in the pipeline include collaborating on a children’s story called ‘Bella Bumble’s Big Day’ - watch this space!